• New Pipe Cleaning and Inspection Offering

    In the start of 2018, our Birchwood site saw the planning begin for the addition of a bespoke galvanised steel frame structure which was to become the product of our latest development and diversification project; our new Pipe Cleaning and Inspection facility. ....READ THIS

  • Where have our pipes been used?

    Our tubulars have played a pivotal part in a wide range of small, medium and large commercial projects. Each one required an innovative solution to maximise the structural integrity of the build, while minimising expenditure.....READ THIS

  • RAM Tubulars’ new workhorse – Hyundai 130D-9 Forklift

    Ever expanding here at RAM Tubulars, we have recently taken delivery of a brand new Hyundai Forklift to add to our current fleet in order to keep up with our high turnover volume.....READ THIS

  • RAM receive the Murchison Flare Tip

    Recently, the RAM team took delivery of a very interesting large load… ....READ THIS