Evolution of Birchwood

Back in 2008 RAM Tubulars made the move to purchase its own yard facility in Kinellar. Back then, Birchwood was only a 2 acre site but with continued investment and business growing it has since quadrupled in size and then some. 2015 was when RAM Tubulars began its serious developments with the site, adding on a 6 acre extension to the original 2. Fast forward and it has been further extended to over 10 acres, now making it a much larger facility than ever before and still with scope to carry on. 

Alongside the exponential growth in size, it has also seen cosmetic and functional improvements over the years too. In 2017 there was the addition of new metal perimeter fencing with a lined by newly planted trees, making the yard much more secure. In addition, part of the yard was given a new concrete surface and a roofed structure was installed over our alloy metal segregating area to prevent rainwater contamination.

More recent, RAM Tubulars saw the beginning of its latest development project at Birchwood, get underway in the early months of 2018.; ever diversifying, RAM Tubulars decided to add another string to its bow as work began to introduce another important new in-house service. Within the tubular yard, an area was cleared to drill a well in search of a water source, for what was to become our new Pipe Cleaning and Inspection Facility and it was a success! Not only did we hit water, it was under pressure, perfect for what we need it for; although hitting oil would have been great too! Initial building designs were drawn up and over the following months our newest facility began to take shape and in 2019 it became fully functional and running smoothly.

With the continued investment and advancements with our facilities, we are able to remain at the forefront of the tubular industry and look forward to what the future holds for us, as a burgeoning business in the Energy and Construction industries.