New Pipe Cleaning and Inspection Offering

In the start of 2018, our Birchwood site saw the planning begin for the addition of a bespoke galvanised steel frame structure which was to become the product of our latest development and diversification project; our new Pipe Cleaning and Inspection facility. A lot of time, care and attention to detail went into the building design, to ensure the safest and most efficient running possible, whilst also being environmentally conscious. 

The premium undercover facility has a total internal area of 360 m2 and capacity to handle pipe from 3.5” up to 20” on its certified rolling racks, with hot and cold pressure washers for pipe cleaning and inspection preparation.  The bespoke pressure washers ensure pipes are cleaned to a high standard, with minimum water usage and in a time efficient manner. 

Prior to the to the start of the construction process, we were fortunate to find an artesian water supply onsite, meaning we could employ a closed water recycled system, which we installed our own borehole for. As part of this water system, we have a silt separator tank and an automated pump that draws water from the borehole when required, to keep the system topped up. 

Ever the environmentally aware company, we ensured the building was also fitted with LED lighting with sensors for efficiency, any waste water and sludge produced is disposed of via a licenced waste carrier and all external surface water drainage via a Class 1 separator. The building is also fully bunded to comply with current regulations, designed to protect the environment.
RAM Tubulars have been operating our Pipe Cleaning and Inspection facility since early 2019 and would welcome the opportunity to support our clients in your pipe cleaning and inspection requirements.

For any enquiries regarding the new services, please contact info@ramtubulars.co.uk or call the office on 01224 790013. Let us deal with the leg work and free up your valuable time for other tasks.