Piling Pipe & Tubular Products

RAM Tubulars have been at the forefront of re-using Oilfield Tubulars in other industries since 1996.

Casing pipe can now have another life in providing low cost piling pipe and ground engineering products vital to the construction and engineering industries.

At our Birchwood facility we process over 20,000 tonnes per annum, of casing pipe and tubular products from the North Sea, before transporting it to our specialist depot where they are stored before distribution throughout UK and Europe, providing piling pipe and engineering products for construction industries.

RAM Tubulars are suppliers to most of the major piling contractors and civil engineers in the UK

We are continually at the forefront of discovering new uses and applications for these casing and tubular products, and have developed sales in the Water Well and Utility Drilling Industries providing cost effective Tubular Products to financially challenged projects.

piling pipe

Pictured left: 219mm x 9.5mm piling pipe, Pictured right: 140mm piling pipe

Spud Joints

RAM Tubulars have developed these spud joint to join 139mm and 178mm plain ended pipe. They are machined to go tight when knocked together. Several customers have had these on trial and found that the joint is sound, and the feedback we have received is excellent.

spud joint02

Pictured left: 178mm spud joint. Pictured right: 139mm spud joint.