Oil Country Tubular Goods

RAM Tubulars:  OCTG

RAM Tubulars stock various sizes of fully certified casing and tubing at our UK sites.

We also have exclusive access to several surplus inventory lists from operators. Allowing us to re-sell Certified OCTG thereby giving sellers greater return on their unwanted materials. This offers buyers reduced costs and shorter lead times for their ad-hoc casing and tubing needs. 

Various Grades, in sizes 2-3/8" to Conductor

For any casing or tubing requirements you may have, please contact Mark Kerr, Global OCTG Manager mark.kerr@ramtubulars.co.uk 


If you wish us to sell OCTG surplus/decommissioned items on your behalf, please contact: 

Mark Mellor, Senior Sales Manager mark@ramtubulars.co.uk 

Elaine Cruickshank, Business Development Manager elaine@ramtubulars.co.uk