Metal Recycling Services

At RAM we appreciate how Duty of Care obligations include the requirements of Environmental Planning, Carrier Controls and Site Waste Management Plans.

We understand that providing full audit trails and documentation is of paramount importance to our customers.

We have developed our own online Material Tracking System (MTS) which has been fully audited by Lloyds and is favoured by many of the leading Oil and Gas companies. Since its inception it has proved to be an invaluable tool for providing full traceability of all materials supplied to and delivered from RAM. This service allows peace of mind for the safe disposal of scrap and surplus material backed up by a full paper trail which covers all aspects of purchasing and disposal.

The logistical and physical removal of scrap is becoming increasingly more challenging and at RAM we have manufactured our own specially designed skips which provide full containment of fluids whilst on site and more importantly while in transit.

metal recycling

Whilst dealing with the disposals in an environmentally sympathetic manner we also ensure we are providing the best financial rewards to our customers. By identifying our customers' requirements we can realise and recover alloys specific to the Oil and Gas industry which can be sold to specialised foundries and return higher values. This has been achieved through capital investment in specialised equipment and a highly trained workforce under the direction of vastly experienced managers.

Our approach is unique within the recycling industry and by striving for continued improvement we are pushing the demands of RAM to higher levels, which ensure determination to remain ahead of our competitors at all times.