RAM receive the Murchison Flare Tip

5 Apr 2018

Recently, the RAM team took delivery of a very interesting large load…

 It was in fact the flare tip from CNR International’s Murchison offshore platform which has been undergoing a 7 year decommissioning programme where the deconstruction of this North Sea Giant has been (and still is) taking place. The platform and subsea wells are being plugged and abandoned and the topside modules dismantled to be brought back onshore for re-use, recycling or disposal.

The Murchison was one of the North Sea’s largest, standing at 254 metres from the seabed to the tip of the flare stack. It was located approximately 240 kilometres north east of the Shetland Islands and over its 36-year lifespan, it has been subjected to the harsh environment of the North Sea, with waves of up to 28 metres high and wind speeds in excess of 110mph.

The flare tower itself protruded 92 metres out from the rig and rose 72 metres up!

RAM are delighted to have played a small part in this huge decommissioning project that marks the end of an era for this colossal platform. The final recipient of the Murchison’s flare tip was National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh where conservators planned to breathe new life into it as a feature at the National Museums Collection Centre.

Follow the link below to find out more about the flare tip and view some fascinating videos taken on the platform in its final months of production and abandonment…

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