RAM Flood Prevention Container Donation

7 Mar 2017

Following a record amount of heavy rainfall that hit Aberdeen and surrounding areas in January 2016, rivers burst their banks and many local communities were affected. Homes were evacuated, roads were closed and it took a long time and a lot of help to reverse the effects of this unexpected event.

Should this happen again in the future, community groups have been working together to ensure they are more prepared and ready to act immediately in case of another flood.

An example of this is in Kemnay. Being a much smaller town than the likes of nearby Inverurie, its local residents pulled together as a team to source a solution for the future. This group went on to receive a donation of a dirty water pump and other emergency defence equipment vital for a quick response in unforeseen flood situations.

They then reached out to find a suitable storage container for their acquired equipment and this is where RAM Tubulars stepped in alongside WeSubsea. We donated a shipping container which we hope will help go a long way to assist in giving this small community a big boost, we even gave it a fresh lick of paint so it looks good too! 

Check out the P&J article here.

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